-IS a known Freemason
-BRAINWASHED Freddie Mercury into participating in his music group.
-LIED to the public -and everyone - for years.
-TRANSFORMED drummer Roger Taylor into a cybernetic drone to do his bidding.
-ACQUIRED the HIV virus from his Illuminati ties.
-INFECTED Freddie Mercury with the super-strain.
-PROFITED from his death.
-REPLACED the man who brought him fame and fortune.
-THREATENED to kill John Deacon - and his whole family - if he ever revealed the truth.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Good Company? Brian May's Habitual Defense of Alleged Pedophiles


"Take care of those you call your own, and keep good company." A line from the BM-penned, ukulele-driven ear bleeder that inexplicably litters the track list of Queen masterpiece A Night At The Opera. Words that make you wonder when the permed psycho who wrote them holds degenerate pedophiles like Jimmy Page, who famously kept 14-year-old Lori Maddox as a sex slave and regularly cavorted with girls who were even younger, in such high esteem.

It's a matter serious enough for us to disable our caps lock.

WTYS has uncovered a startling pattern of behaviour that marks a disgraceful new low for twizzler-tressed twatwaffle Brian May: the self-obsessed Queen + Adam Lambert guitarist is a habitual apologist for alleged pedophiles, seeming to dismiss any evidence of their wrongdoing and displaying a cold indifference towards their victims. While there's no indication that May himself has ever engaged in any inappropriate conduct with a minor (and that's not something we are suggesting), the people he surrounds himself with certainly make one wonder about his sense of the very least. Does May's staggering narcissism not allow him to believe that his faves could be problematic, or does he simply condone their despicable actions? 

Pete Townshend

A maniacally grinning BM gives former registered sex offender Pete Townshend a cuddle, flanked by toady drummer Roger Taylor and prototypical Freddie replacement Paul Rodgers

BM immediately came out swinging when his BFF Pete Townshend was busted in a 2003 pedophile sting, promptly launching into one of his signature tirades in Townshend's defense - during which May equated the idea of a police crackdown to some kind of Orwellian nightmare and seemed to suggest that it's perfectly fine to browse it in an effort to satiate one's personal curiosity:

"This is really in danger of getting deeply out of hand-remember McCarthyism in the U.S.A.?" May wrote. "Well, maybe we're too young, but if you read Orwell's 1984, it'll do the trick. The Thought Police seem to have materialized again in 2003. Surely the police conducting this investigation into pedophilia must realize that loads of people must go into areas of the Internet purely to see what's there? And are you going to tell me journalists don't do this in order to be informed enough to write their stories? Oh, I guess journalists will turn out to be exempt from this kind of investigation into THEIR private lives. But of course it is these very harpies who as usual can't wait to smear a great artist like Pete Townshend. It made me feel sick to see newsreel footage of these parasites camped outside Pete's house. Grow up guys. And own up."

So newsreel footage of journalists camped outside of Pete Townshend's house = sickening, and Pete Townshend entering his credit card information in order to gain access to kiddie porn = fine? Got it. And no, BM, "loads of people" don't look up child porn just to see what it's like. Sickos do seek it out, though. 

 A Legal Matter

The Who guitarist was arrested on January 13th, 2003 after admitting to using his credit card in order  to access a child pornography website, though he has since repeatedly asserted that his online trawling for CP was some kind of act of vigilantism, claiming in a handwritten statement:

“I have been writing my childhood autobiography for the past seven years. I believe I was sexually abused between the ages of five or six and a half when in the care of my maternal grandmother who was mentally ill at the time. I cannot remember clearly what happened, but my creative work tends to throw up nasty shadows – particularly in Tommy. Some of the things I have seen on the Net have informed my book, which I hope will be published later this year, and which will make clear that if I have any compulsions in this area, they are to face what is happening to young children in the world today and to try to deal openly with my anger and vengeance towards the mentally ill people who find pedophilic pornography attractive.” 

Townshend has also claimed that he had "been in touch with Scotland Yard" regarding his questionable internet exploits. According to the FBI's manual for law enforcement dealing with child predators, this behavior may be suspect:

"Many individuals who report information to the authorities about deviant sexual activity they have discovered on the Internet must invent clever excuses for how and why they came upon such material. They often start out pursuing their own sexual/deviant interests, but then decide to report to law enforcement either because it went too far, they are afraid authorities might have monitored them, or they need to rationalize their perversions as having some higher purpose or value. Rather than honestly admitting their own deviant interests, they make up elaborate explanations to justify finding the material. Some claim to be journalists; researchers; or outraged, concerned members of society trying to protect a child or help law enforcement.

One especially sensitive area for investigators is the preferential sex offender who presents himself as a concerned civilian reporting what he inadvertently “discovered” in cyberspace or requesting to work with law enforcement to search for child pornography and protect children. Other than the obvious benefit of legal justification for their past or future activity, most do this as part of their need to rationalize their behavior as worthwhile and gain access to children. When these offenders are caught, instead of recognizing this activity as part of their preferential pattern of behavior, the courts sometimes give them leniency because of their 'good deeds.'" 

Sounds like that describes Townshend's M.O. to a T. Indeed, Townshend maintains that he "stumbled upon" the disturbing imagery innocently:

"He further clarified that he had looked at child-porn sites three or four times after stumbling upon one while surfing the Net with his son Joseph – “It repelled me and shocked me to my very core” – but only once entered a site with a credit card and never downloaded anything. “With hindsight it was very foolish but I felt so angered about what was going on,” he said. “It blurred my judgment.”

So let's get this straight - Townshend "accidentally" came across child pornography while browsing the internet with his son, and was so disgusted that he subsequently sought out similar illegal material "three or four" more times and even used his credit card to gain access to it on at least one occasion? 

The man himself once described the picture he "came across" on his supposed first encounter with child pornography in 1997, and that description was so fucking disgusting that we decided against including any details on WTYS. Suffice to say, that image alone should've been all the "evidence" that Townshend could ever have needed to "understand" the insidious nature of this illegal content. That he felt the need to do further "research", or had any kind of desire at all to view even more similar imagery for any reason whatsoever, is inconceivable. 

After The Fire

In 2006, three years after his arrest and while still a registered sex offender, Townshend thought it would be appropriate to post a short story featuring "graphic teen sex" to his official website, which he was forced to retract after coming under fire with child advocacy groups. From the Evening Standard:

"Called The Comedian, it contains a description of a sex act between a boy and a girl, both 16. Most of it is too graphic to be reprinted, but one section reads: 'She had splendid breasts for such an elfin girl: loose, low and lush; she was a luxurious creature.'"

To this day Townshend insists that he is not a pedophile and views himself as a victim of circumstance. We don't buy the bullshit he's trying to sell...but apparently Brian May does. Dollars to doughnuts BM would've absolutely eviscerated Townshend in a scathing, rage-fueled Soapbox freakout had he been arrested for molesting a hedgehog, though.

Bryan Singer

Permo puts his trademark death grip on accused pedo and Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer.

Shortly after The Atlantic exposed Bryan Singer, the disgraced director of Queen "biopic" Bohemian Rhapsody, in a shocking article alleging him to be a prolific child rapist, May found himself embroiled in scandal when he lashed out at a well-meaning fan. She had left a comment urging him to unfollow the purported predator on Instagram, which provoked May to rage back by replying "You need to look after your own business and stop telling me what to do. And you need to learn to respect the fact that a man or woman is innocent until proven guilty."

Under the pressure of multiple news outlets reporting the transgression and teens on Twitter threatening to cancel him for his apparent show of support for a monster, May took to his IG to issue this self-victimizing and half-assed apology:

"Dear Sue, I’m so sorry that I responded to your post so snappily and inconsiderately. My response was a result of my perception that someone was telling me what to do. I now realise that I was completely wrong in thinking that. You were actually just trying to protect me, for which I thank you. I am mortified to discover the effect my words produced. I had no idea that saying someone was innocent until proven guilty could be interpreted as “defending“ Bryan Singer. I had absolutely no intention of doing that. I guess I must be naive, because also it had never occurred to me that ‘following’ a person on Instagram could be interpreted as approving of that person. The only reason I followed Bryan Singer was that we were working with him on a project. That situation came to an end when Mr Singer was removed during the shooting of the film, but I suppose unfollowing him never occurred to me as a necessity. Now, because of this misunderstanding, I have unfollowed. I’m so sorry. This must have caused you a lot of upset. I wish I could take the comment back, but all I can do is apologise, and hope that my apology will begin to make amends. Sadly, this is all very public, but since I snapped at you in public, it’s only fitting that I should apologise in public. I’m going to try to follow you so we can communicate privately if you want. With love - Bri. —— I should add that this is also a sincere apology to anyone else out there that I inadvertently offended. No such offence was intended and I will be more careful in future. Bri"

I guess we're meant to believe that this geriatric rock star is so "naive" and inexperienced as to not realize that a public figure following an alleged child predator on social media and clapping back to a concerned fan when pressed on the issue could be seen as signals of his support? When somebody barks that an accused abuser is "innocent until proven guilty" they can find ways to play coy about their words, but the subtext seems clear: "I don't believe the victims."


Bafflingly, the bullshit-riddled fantasy film Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the darlings of 2019's awards season, which saw BM smugly slithering along the red carpets as if the pedo-directed, Freddie-slandering dumpster fire of lies was actually something to be proud of. Unfortunately for him, the Singer scandal wasn't going away, and when confronted about the elephant in the room May was forced to do what he does best: shit out yet another gigantic lie in an attempt to exonerate himself from any possible wrongdoing and dissociate himself from the deviant director entirely, rambling "It's nothing to do with us. He hasn't been the director for a long time. He was sacked for very good reason...not by us, by Fox, so it's a very arm's length thing for us. The only reason he's on the movie is his guild forced Fox to do this...technically, really, he's not the director of the movie. That's just life."

Hero journalist and fellow Brian May watchdog Kayleigh Donaldson was quick to excoriate him in a rare but well-deserved mainstream callout:

"The man who, according to the very well fact-checked piece in The Atlantic, was key in getting Singer hired to do the job in the first place has now said it's got nothing to do with him. He, the man who directed all but two weeks of the film and has sole directional credit for it, wasn't the director of the movie. 

Remember how we called bullshit on Rami Malek's claim that he didnt know any of the allegations against Singer when he signed onto the movie? I'm calling the same bullshit here regarding May's sudden 'I know nothing' act.

Bohemian Rhapsody is already a historical insult against Freddie Mercury, a shameless PR homophobic whitewash of a complicated man's legacy by an estate with gears to grind and egos to stroke. It would already have been a mess had an accused rapist not directed it, but all of this is just a flagrant reminder of how little some people care about doing the right thing because hey, money and glory and did you know Brian May's an astrophysicist and the real hero of Queen?!"

It's said that Singer's repulsive proclivities were well known throughout Hollywood long, long before he was hired as the director of Bohemian; that he was absolutely notorious for his abuse and exploitation of young boys. What are the odds that Brian May truly had no idea about Singer's reputation, and why did he insist upon his involvement in the film?

Narcissistic Wound

Ever the victim, after being called out extensively for his support of Singer May ran to his IG expressing sadness at having been "pilloried", trying to manipulate his fans by crafting a narrative that being held accountable for his more-than-questionable actions meant he was being "bullied", going as far as to compare himself to teen suicide victims. He wrapped up the post by lying that he wasn't looking for sympathy and left his followers with a thinly veiled threat that he would pull back his interaction with them as punishment to the dissenters.

May's sob story led to several crazy responses such as this one, and incited his fans to harass and threaten the woman who "caused" the scandal by asking him to unfollow Singer.

Funny how BM fancies himself a victim of bullying when he himself has a nasty habit of lashing out at anyone who crosses him, from journalists to schoolteachers to politicians - and even his own fans. Not to mention the fact that he delights in bullying dead legend Freddie Mercury every chance he gets, whether it be telling tall tales about the state of his body as he was close to death, insisting that he would be jealous of hack replacement Adam Lambert, or any other of the countless ways May has found to shit on the man who is only reason anybody even knows his name. 


May and wife Dobson in matching black cloaks outside of Kingston Crown Court

The latest instance of standing in solidarity with an alleged child rapist saw May going as far as to make a court appearance with wife Anita Dobson - while the world copes with a pandemic - in a bid to defend their longtime chauffeur, Phillip Webb, who was accused of heinous crimes, including rape and forced administration of hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol, that involved a girl who was aged between seven and sixteen at the time of the alleged incidents. A second complainant was also involved in at least one of the alleged events.

The unidentified victim wrote heartbreaking entries in her diary at the time of the purported abuse, featuring passages such as "He did things to me that made me doubt my own mind", "I just want to talk to someone - people will think I want attention. I just want to be normal", and "He chewed me up and spat me out". She mentioned the abuse to adolescent health services. She has said that she attempted suicide as a result of Webb's actions.

May sang Webb's praises in court, saying "I know Phil incredibly well, because of 20 years of being driven around by him. A lot of the time, it's me and him in the car and we share so much. I know what's inside him, his innermost secrets. I will not exaggerate, he's one of the most honest men I have ever met in my life", and "He will not hide the truth".

Webb had at least one innermost secret, however, that his employer was not aware of. May was blindsided by the courtroom revelation that his driver was in fact convicted in 2003 for assaulting his wife's ex-partner. When confronted with the news, May incredulously replied "Was he? That sits fine with me", insisting that Webb was "not a violent man". Meanwhile, Webb admitted to the court "I do lose my temper".

Prosecutor Richard Milne said of Webb: "The defendant puts a spin on everything that reflects badly on him - there are two sides to Mr. Webb, there's the very friendly, kind, gentle giant side to him. There's also a very dark side to him that he kept from everyone - because he could."

On 30 March, 2021, Webb was cleared of all charges by a jury.

Imagine that there is truth to this woman's allegations. Imagine how powerless, frightened, and dismissed she likely felt sitting in that courtroom as a famous rock star and his soap actress wife wrote love letters to the jury about the man she says abused her. How tragic is it if this woman has lost out on her chance of getting any semblance of closure partly because Brian May thinks her abuser is a good guy? Because MOST pedophiles would have definitely, at some point, made mention about how they drugged and raped kids while driving around their celebrity employers, so there's no chance he did it...right?

Sadly, this case has a devastating outcome either way: in one scenario an innocent man has been falsely accused and, though cleared, has had his name forever tarnished; in another, an abuse victim was re-traumatized by her abuser and made to listen to the praise of his supporters only to be denied justice.