-IS a known Freemason
-BRAINWASHED Freddie Mercury into participating in his music group.
-LIED to the public -and everyone - for years.
-TRANSFORMED drummer Roger Taylor into a cybernetic drone to do his bidding.
-ACQUIRED the HIV virus from his Illuminati ties.
-INFECTED Freddie Mercury with the super-strain.
-PROFITED from his death.
-REPLACED the man who brought him fame and fortune.
-THREATENED to kill John Deacon - and his whole family - if he ever revealed the truth.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In a transparent move, BRIAN HAROLD MAY has gone on an image-overhaul mission in response to We Think You Should.

The hirsute "GUITARIST" released footage of himself "PALLING AROUND" with his "FRIEND" "MR. MEAT LOAF" in order to dispell the shocking stalker rumours which have surrounded May since our exclusive report. In reality, these videos are similar to those of the terrorist group Al Qaeda. Says a source, "Notice how the film posted on May's blog was only filmed from the waist up. No-one could see the semi-automatic weapon that Brian was holding against his captive."

But, viewers are able to see the sinister, demented look of satisfaction that May seemingly could not hide as he showed off his hostage like a prized pig.

Attempting to "blast" another report, May announced plans to release the Hammersmith '75 concert on DVD. "Brian was PISSED when he read the article revealing his drug use in the '70s. He feels that if he does release one of the older shows, it will demonstrate he was confident in his playing abilities of the time."

"But", the source continues, "I don't know who Brian thinks he's fooling. He was absolutely smashed through that concert in '75! I'd be shocked - stunned - if the footage ever truly was released. I have a feeling this is just another of his lies to mislead the public".