-IS a known Freemason
-BRAINWASHED Freddie Mercury into participating in his music group.
-LIED to the public -and everyone - for years.
-TRANSFORMED drummer Roger Taylor into a cybernetic drone to do his bidding.
-ACQUIRED the HIV virus from his Illuminati ties.
-INFECTED Freddie Mercury with the super-strain.
-PROFITED from his death.
-REPLACED the man who brought him fame and fortune.
-THREATENED to kill John Deacon - and his whole family - if he ever revealed the truth.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rich Uncle Eyebags SELLS FREDDIE OUT

Permed asshole Brian May was not 'confused' about allowing burgeoning web-site "" to defile Freddie's legacy with an embarrassing commercial  for a few quick bucks.

In yet ANOTHER display of the sickeningly smug and self-serving behaviour we've grown accustomed to seeing from the Captain Hook-reminiscent "guitarist", chronic adulterer Brian May has found even more ways to profit from the tragic and untimely death of vocal powerhouse Freddie Mercury.

The knighthood-hungry maniac recently authorized the use of one of Freddie's most beloved songs, "Somebody to Love", for a tacky and tasteless web advert. Obviously it's not something Permo wants to draw attention to, as the usually-mouthy narcissist has not been crowing about this latest "Queen News" development on his circle-jerk web-page.

Your EXPERT OPINION advisers were hesitant to post the digital defilement of Mercury's masterpiece, but after some debate we concluded that our readers need to see the wrongdoing with their own eyes. 

Would YOU sell your dead "friend's" beautiful and sentimental song out for cash that you don't even need so some website can use it in a cheap-looking digitally animated commercial advertisement? 

Herr May, just because no-one is knocking down YOUR dungeon door begging for permission to use "Good Company" or "White Man" for commercials, that  doesn't make it right to allow FREDDIE'S songs to be used for moronic, population-dumbing promotionals.


  1. May probably has the right to sell Queen's catalog as he pleases, but this was uncalled for on his part IMO. Quite a few Queen fans were not happy with this.

  2. Brian May is utterly ignorant, who does this to Freddie's one-of-a-kind song? He NEEDS to let Freddie's songs rest in peace. This was absolutely ridiculous. Wherever Freddie is, I'm sure he is not happy about this.

  3. That would be like Simon Gallup selling the Cure's songs. Oh wait, Robert Smith isn't dead yet.

  4. Yeah, I don't see this foolishness happening if Freddie Mercury were still here. Shame on Bri and Roger.

  5. I am pretty sure Freddie would love it if his music would reach as many people as possible, even 19 years after his death.

    As you said, Bri doesn't need the money either way, so why the hell would he be doing it for the money?

    It's a fantastic song and it should reach a new audience.

  6. How embarassing for Queen's legacy. I love you Bri, but I don't condone this at all. That was a shit move.

  7. How does Queen music reach people, when they don't even know it's a Queen song sung and performed by the original quartet - only a bastardized version by cartoon frogs, a ketchup bottle or stick figures?
    Enough is enough! I tell ya, this whole investigation is going down the Wrong Warpath. The REAL Rich Uncle Eyebags isn't Brian May, at this point a taxidermized troll paraded out once in a while to maintain the semblance of active duty, attended by fluffer-minder Kerry Ellis who has to periodically tug the straws into the prop pants. The real programmer behind it all:

    Jim Fucking Beach.

    You have been redirected.