-IS a known Freemason
-BRAINWASHED Freddie Mercury into participating in his music group.
-LIED to the public -and everyone - for years.
-TRANSFORMED drummer Roger Taylor into a cybernetic drone to do his bidding.
-ACQUIRED the HIV virus from his Illuminati ties.
-INFECTED Freddie Mercury with the super-strain.
-PROFITED from his death.
-REPLACED the man who brought him fame and fortune.
-THREATENED to kill John Deacon - and his whole family - if he ever revealed the truth.

Thursday, August 5, 2010



EXPERT OPINION note: This comment was not directed at WTYS, it's just random ranting from a deranged, indoctrinated Brian MAYbeIkilledFreddie fan. Clearly, she could benefit from a visit to the site. Perhaps if she realized the ancient, unchained evil she was really dealing with, she would not be so passionately defensive of him.


  1. Why Does Anyone Take This Site Seriously?..C'mon...

  2. Do u have any solid, I mean SOLID SOLID proof for all the crap thats here? Basically such stuff u find on countless conspiracy theory sites and what I see on them is full stupidity mixed with paranoia. Im not saying its not possible, but pls... What are ur sources? U know any insider? Probably, each artist is in this, I dont see why should u bother, really... U dont have anything else to do with ur spare time? U have a job? Hobbies? A girlfriend/wife? A life?

  3. BTW, supposedly more than 95% of male actors, singers, showbizzers are Freemasons. Gonna unmask them all? And if so... so what? U seem just another moron who blames the illuminati for all the evil in the world, including the fact u cant have an erection. Go get a life, dude, and leave May alone or probably ull get ur ass well kicked one fine day. If he did what u say he did, undoubtedly he'll pay for it one way or another. Til then, use ur imagination and energy else way.

  4. Sounds to me like you want to say bad things about very good people! Brian is a truly great person who is loved by millions all around the world! You just want to ruin his life! If i had a way to contact him...I'd tell him all that rubbish you've said about him! And, get you're facts right! He does NOT worship the devil and he did NOT transform Roger into a cyborg!He never got a perm, He does not hate animals! and most of all, HE'S NOT FILLED WITH RAGE! But he will be after he finds out a wy to see all these bloody lies you've told! He is a person who loves all animals, was SAD about Freddie's passing, hated haters, and stood up for what was right! Let me ask you a question, How can you sleep at night knowing that you are judgement to everyone you see!And yes, I bet you've never met him in person. I haven't either. . . But i know a few people who have, and said that Brian May is the nicest person they've ever met! You might think that I'm being "Mind controlled", but I'm not. And it may seem so, because I'd bow down to him if I ever met him, but the truth is, you have no RESPECT for yourself! Your life was probably horrible and you want to take your anger out on a legendary guitarist from the most successful and LOVED rock band in the 70's! And how can you live with yourself, knowing for years that you've been saying bad things about such a sweet man!?
    If i'd met you, i'd bring my pet snake and feed you to him! And you will probably be a tasty treat for him, cause he likes his food sassy, mean and stupid like you're heart!

  5. good god, this lady said she'd feed you to the snake.,good god..all these people condemning your opinion, with hateful speakings ; may their hearts feel the nowness of that energy that they penetrate the atmosphere with. I wish the best, author, Im just a man along his way, a researcher, considering all the viewpoints..i appreciate your sincerity, honesty, and personally truthful righteousness. be well