-IS a known Freemason
-BRAINWASHED Freddie Mercury into participating in his music group.
-LIED to the public -and everyone - for years.
-TRANSFORMED drummer Roger Taylor into a cybernetic drone to do his bidding.
-ACQUIRED the HIV virus from his Illuminati ties.
-INFECTED Freddie Mercury with the super-strain.
-PROFITED from his death.
-REPLACED the man who brought him fame and fortune.
-THREATENED to kill John Deacon - and his whole family - if he ever revealed the truth.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tiny Slaves: After the Nightmare

A bombshell was dropped on WTYS recently when the two dwarves May released from captivity contacted us in an emotional bid to tell us their harrowing story. The diminutive servants prefer not to reveal their names to the public, but are desperate to warn the people about the menacing monster known currently as Brian Harold May. Now, in a worldwide exclusive report, WTYS breaks the story of the brave little servants' terrifying capture, and eventual release.

The frightening ordeal began eleven years ago when May contacted the dwarves' employment agency. "[May] wanted a couple of little people for a party he was throwing. This type of thing is common within the agency that employed us, and they claimed that they had worked with May several times in the past and things had run very smoothly."
Our two sources go on to describe the commotion that May's commission appeared to cause amongst their fellow employees.
"No one else wanted to touch it [the job]. It was almost as though they were scared - like they knew something we didn't. We should have seen the writing on the wall then and there, but [Captive Dwarf #2] and I were new to the agency and eager for the employment. And besides, no-one could have been able to foretell the horrors that would await us when we took that job. No-one."
"When we arrived at May's estate for the party, the first thing we noticed upon entering the mansion was that it was a dump".
Chimes in slave #2, "It was also quite creepy. I sensed that right away."
"Immediately upon our arrival we were ushered off by staff into a large chamber, reminiscent of a Masonic temple, with a black and white checkered floor and large marble arches. We were made to dress in tiny Napoleon costumes - it was so degrading."
The party, though bizarre, seemed to go by without a hitch.
"We carried massive amounts of cocaine on silver trays from the Third Reich. The guests were all wearing strange goat head-dresses and snorted copious amounts of drugs. We didn't even see May during the event."
But when the night drew to a close, and the unsuspecting employees searched for May to collect their payment, the real horror story began.
"We were escorted down a long spiral staircase by May's butler. He told us May was in his office, signing our cheques. Right away I thought it odd that his office would be in the basement, but I shrugged it off."
[Dwarf #2] "I was immediately frightened by the dungeon-like basement. We were led down a stone-walled corridor, lit entirely by candelabra, and into a small chamber where May was indeed waiting for us, wrapped in a black fur cloak. He whirled around to face us and I was instantly terrified of his reptilian eyes. I felt an immediate urge to run and as I turned to do so, an iron gate came crashing down to block the doorway."
Reportedly, once May had entrapped the small women, he began speaking in tongues, to the horror of his captives. Just when both of the terrified dwarves thought they would pass out from fright, a fine red mist began to envelop them. They then blacked out for an unknown amount of time. When they awoke, they found themselves entrapped in suspended wrought iron birdcages, antiques from the 18th century.
[Dwarf #1]: "We both came to as piercing screeches resonated through the stone walls. The sounds were ungodly, like nothing I'd ever heard before. The room was darkly lit, only by black-flamed candles, but as my eyes began to adjust, I realized we were in some kind of laboratory."
[Dwarf #2]: "There were animals in cages crying out for release all around us. Some of the creatures were horrifying - beasts the likes of which one could never imagine. I was taken aback by what I saw. Some of the animals I knew to be extinct - others seemed like hybrids, they were previously unknown to me. Their moans were horrifying. It was truly a living nightmare."
But the gruesome reality of their situation really came to light as the two captive dwarves realized that some of the lab creatures could talk.
[Dwarf #2]: "There was one poor beast that would constantly beg to be killed. It was shattering to hear."
Often, their prison mates would change, or some would just disappear.
[Dwarf #1]: "I caught on quickly that May was butchering - and eating - the creatures. Even though they were frightening, I felt sorrow when I came to that conclusion. [May] loved eating prehistoric creatures, and those thought to be extinct. He had a dodo pen he would frequently take specimens from."
Luckily, the tiny captives were spared the gruesome fate of the dodos and other beasts. May had other plans for them. For over a decade, the dwarves encountered numerous horrors and suffered unmeasurable emotional and mental, and physical damage. Among the many incidents, the slaves were forced to undergo innumerable tests and invasive surgical procedures performed by May in his lab.
[Dwarf #2]: "He was a true mad scientist, a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein. Sometimes he would put us under, mercifully, and others he would use no sedation whatsoever. I don't even know what he's done to us. The surgeries were never explained. I fear he's implanted some sort of device in both of us. It sounds crazy, but it's nothing compared to other things that I've seen him do."
[Dwarf #1]: "Both of us suffer from strange and painful symptoms to this day. I myself wake up at night, drenched in sweat, to extreme shocks ripping through my body. I often have unexplained bleeding from my ears, nose, sclera, and vagina, sometimes simultaneously. The doctors don't know what to tell me."
[Dwarf #2]: "I was rushed via ambulance just weeks ago to the ICU due to unbearable abdominal pains. The doctors immediately ordered an x-ray and I was stunned at what they found. They asked me if I'd had a hysterectomy, and I said no. Then they showed me the x-ray. Both my uterus and my ovaries were gone. In addition, there was a foreign object lodged beneath my ribcage, right next to my heart. The doctors were baffled, and told me it would be impossible to remove."
For over a decade, the tiny pocket slaves slowly grew out of favour with May, and only encountered May's wrath on an intermittent basis, mostly dealing with his unnamed butler, who they speak somewhat fondly of. They spent much of that period attempting to recover from the devastating traumas they endured in the first few years of their captivity. At that point, they were able to roam freely about the basement and underground tunnels for much of the day, often tending to the remaining lab animals as their loving companions.
Things seemed to be looking up for the bite-sized duo, until things came to a sudden, and unexpected climax during a Royal visit.
[Dwarf #2]: "The two of us were sleeping one night-- we'd gone to bed early, after a grueling day of cleaning May's cesspool. We were awoken by the sound of a sinister-sounding organ being played by May, and a procession of men in full Mason regalia unrolling a blue velvet carpet, followed by HRH Queen Elizabeth II herself, flanked by two men in cloaks. We sat in stunned silence in our cages, taken aback by her majesty's presence."
[Dwarf #1]: "Right afterward, we heard what sounded like the screams of a young girl. Much to our dismay, my hearing was correct, and a young girl was dragged down the stone stairway by two men in red coats and powdered wigs. Even though she was bound and gagged, her muffled screams thundered through the dungeon walls. The men, whom I assumed to be Royal Guards, had stoic, nearly robotic countenances. The Queen snapped her fingers, and they dragged the now-sobbing girl to an altar May had outfitted with an exam table, complete with stirrups and an altar to Baphomet. Heavy-duty leather straps trapped the girl tightly to the exam table, and her clothes were ripped off of her body by the guards. I wanted to scream out, tell them to stop, but I knew it would mean my certain death."
[Dwarf #2]: "After May finished playing the eerie organ piece, He turned and approached the altar. He was dressed in what appeared to be a cape made entirely of young silver fox, with heads, and tails hanging from the sleeves and every hem. There also appeared to be what looked to me like some type of inverted pentagramme [sic] with a swastika inside of it clasping the cape together at his chest. I was stunned by what I saw next. HRH Queen Elizabeth approached May and in a startling move, bowed down on her knees before him. The sight scared - and confused - me, immensely."
[Dwarf #1]: "In that moment, I had no idea what to think. May and the Queen then goose-stepped in precession toward the poor screaming girl. HRH pulled a gleaming dagger from her sash, and May grasped his hand around the Queen's, and they raised it in the air, chanting in what we later discovered was ancient Sumerian. The dagger began to glow a sinister shade of red, and in unison, May and the Queen plunged the weapon deep into the sacrificial virgin's lower orifice. I then looked away, shielding my eyes and covering my ears and best as I could to drown out the sickening wailing from the poor young girl. I felt as though I would vomit."
[Dwarf #2]: "I was in too much shock to look away from the gruesome scene. I wish I had, though. What I saw next was the most disturbing and unbelievable thing I've ever witnessed. Both May and Queen Elizabeth began to transform into serpentine entities, with glowing red eyes and pointed yellow claws. I sat, transfixed by horror as they then began to tear apart and devour the girl. It was then I realized I'd never again see the light of day after what I had just witnessed. When they had finished, and transmogrified back to their human forms, HRH was escorted by guards off the premises, and May came toward our cages. My heart pounded in my chest as he fumbled with the key to the padlock [on the cage]. Bracing for the worst, I became ill on myself. But he simply unlocked our cages and ordered us brusquely to 'clean up this fucking mess', nodding toward the disemboweled corpse of the young lady, and disappeared down the corridor."
In the next few days after the brutal ceremony, the dwarves submitted to the idea that they would be May's captives for the rest of their miserable lives. Then came a shocking turn of events when May came to the lab early one morning and shackled the petite prisoners, prodding them up the spiral staircase with a shock stick.
[Dwarf #1]: "We shuffled to May's drawing room, the first we'd seen of the main part of the castle since the infamous party which started it all. May then unbuckled our shackles, warning us that he'd 'kill us without a second thought' if we tried to run. He then ominously added that he would 'miss us terribly' and that he wanted 'something to remember us by'. I then noticed a camera set up on a tripod. Instantly I realized we were going to die that day."
[Dwarf #2]: "I thought the same exact thing. But he went and clicked the camera timer and put his arms around us, telling us tersely to 'smile like your life depends on it,' and we posed as best we could at any glimmer of hope that we might live to see tomorrow. Posing happily next to this utterly disgusting human being-- or whatever he is-- was one of the most sickening and difficult moments of my life. After the flashbulb went off, however, May suddenly grabbed hold of us and threw us into a set of corrugated steel badger traps. Although we couldn't see anything from inside the cages, we were placed into some type of vehicle and driven quite a long distance, before the vehicle stopped, and our cages were unloaded onto the ground, and the black coverings removed, revealing [May] standing above us in what we later discovered to be Rendlesham Forest. He told us that we were free to lead our 'pathetic little lives' and 'go ahead and tell the world everything--- no one will EVER believe you!'"
May then unlocked their cages, laughing maniacally, and twirled his fur cape around, disappearing into a cloud of thick, foul-smelling red smog. The tiny troopers spent 3 weeks foraging for food and shelter, all the while dealing with moderate to severe radiation burns from the substance May emitted during his escape. After an estimated 21 days struggling to hold on to dear life in the wilderness, they finally found their way back to civilization, and admitted themselves for medical treatment at an undisclosed medical facility.
[Dwarf #1]: "We now live together, in a modest flat in a building with 24/7 security. It's hard to trust anyone now, having seen what we've seen. Besides, we've been with each other so long I can't imagine it any other way. She's the only one who understands."
[Dwarf #2]: "We both have our good days, and our bad days. There's a constant fear that May could find us on a whim if he so desired. I still think of the poor beasts involved in his ghastly experiments, crying to be put out of their misery. I don't believe I will ever recover from the monstrocities I endured over the past decade."
So why tell their sorrowful tale to the public if their fear of May's wrath is so great? Says dwarf #1:
"At this point, death would be an almost welcome release from the psychological hell I'm now entrapped in. I just want the world to know the truth about Brian May. If it can help save just one innocent soul from the unthinkable torment we went through, it would be worth sacrificing my own life."


  1. I don't know about some of this stuff you're talking about, but I've had my suspicions about who Brian May really is as a person since the whole Queen + Paul Rodgers debacle. I'm surprised it didn't upset more people when he replaced Freddie.

  2. You guys are Jews, Heathens! Brian May cares about nothing more than the plight of innocent creatures. He would never smash a hedgehog with a sledgehammer, or suck the brains from a newborn baby.
    Get a life!

  3. All this is rubbish. I cant believe people believe this. Brian is the sweetest men on this planet and he has never ate a person!!! He has a right to say what he wants on his own website, and he is truly beautiful and amazing and just pure. You people make me so sick, all of those stories you have posted gave me awful nightmares for weeks. Brian is not like this at all, why dont you pick on someone your own size? Bri is so much more powerful then you are. So why mess with him if you know you're gonna lose this???